About Me

Xander_DaddyI’ve been working in Web & Graphic design since 2000. I developed a passion for online media during the AOL boom. I even went so far as to create one of the most awful websites ever using AOL’s free website tool. The website was for my college and band and took over 5 minutes to load all the elements. After freelancing for a bit, I dove in with both feet and landed a junior webmaster position at a local radio company. I’ve since bounced around to different radio station companies, still managing their web properties. While my title just said Webmaster, Web Producer, or Web Director – my job encompassed so much more. Working with the sales and marketing teams, I developed freeway billboards, email marketing campaigns, special promotional websites, viral video production & editing, and print media. After 13 years in radio, I moved on to work for the web communication team at Safeway, handling the internal website network for the retailer.

I’m proficient in HTML, CSS and the full Adobe Creative Suite. I’m a member of Team Treehouse – an interactive online learning school that keeps up to date on the current web technologies and tests your knowledge after you view the videos. I’ve dabbled in Javascript, Jquery & MySQL. I’ve also worked developing WordPress & Drupal driven websites for clients and work projects.

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